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What is Patagonline and how it started

My name is Matias and I am the founder of Patagonline, this journey began almost 20 years ago.
In 1997 I was finishing my studies and working in Buenos Aires when, motivated by the so-called internet bubble, I wanted to make a website about Patagonia.

It seemed to me that there might be people interested in knowing more about the region where I had been born and lived most of my life.

I told my father Miguel the idea, a Buenos Aires emigrant to Patagonia but a great lover of its landscapes and hidden corners.
He who supported me financially to launch the first version of Patagonline at the end of 1999.

First Patagonline Web

The Patagonia website was for informational purposes only, no services of any kind were offered, but motivated by a review that was published in the newspaper El País in Spain, I moved to Barcelona, where months later I met Rafa from the Tempdoci Viajes agency .

Starting in 2001, Argentina went through a very strong economic crisis that devalued its currency and as a result of that fact, tourism in Patagonia began to grow.
Around that time I met Rafa, the founder of the Tempsdoci Agency in Barcelona.
Together we designed the first travel programs for the Agency’s clients.

The first trips were not easy because we had to build a trusted network of receptive agencies in Argentina and Chile.
In addition, we are always known for being a travel agency other than Argentina and Chile. We work with country estates that have rooms equipped to receive tourism.


Mountain guides that take you to incredible places.

And a network of people who always accompany you and assist you …
It was not easy to put together this network of people in Patagonia that allows us to offer them an experience similar to what locals would do when traveling through Patagonia.
That was always my biggest motivation.

Travel agency specialized in Argentina and Chile

At Patagonline we specialize in organizing trips to Argentina and Chile, from south to north we design with you a travel itinerary that fits your dates and places that you are most interested in visiting.

Travel packages to Chile and Argentina

>From here you can access a selection of travel packages to Patagonia also including northern Argentina and Chile.
Anyway, this is just one example of how to design travel programs, the distances in Argentina and Chile are enormous and it is preferable to design a travel itinerary that is consistent with the distances you are going to travel.

Flights from Spain, departures from Barcelona and Madrid and from 3 to 6 internal flights are generally included to travel the longest segments by air.

Silvia and I are here to organize your trip to Patagonia


Matias viajando a la Antartida
Matias traveling to Antartida

Travel and expedition coordinator. Born in Patagonia. For 9 years he has been developing projects related to Patagonia, where he has lived most of his life.

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About the author

I am Matias, born in Patagonia, and a lover of my land.

For more than 20 years I help foreign travellers to organise their trip to Patagonia.

I also manage this exotic accommodation on the Atlantic coast.