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Every year, the picturesque and humid city of Puerto Iguazú, located in the main producing province of yerba mate of Argentina, Misiones, stands out for the large number of tourists who decide to heed the comments and go to visit this wonderful natural paradise. Not surprisingly, this is one of their biggest sources of income, as this large number of visits is more than justified. We will tell you about the different activities you can do in Puerto Iguazú.

Puerto Iguazú
The picturesque and humid city of Puerto Iguazú. Source: Flickr.

Activities in Puerto Iguazú

Train in Puerto Iguazú
In Puerto Iguazú there are a variety of excursions available. Source Flickr.

Anyone who has visited Puerto Iguazú knows that the relevance of this city is not limited to just taking a walk through the dazzling Falls , there are many more activities to enjoy and amazing places that you cannot miss.

There are many ways to have fun if you keep your feet on the ground:

  • Walk. Perhaps the simplest way to get to know the city. You can go out on your own, you might be surprised to see that the traditional Morpho Amazon butterflies, characterized by their dazzling royal blue color can even be seen in different parts of the city. Guided excursions are also worth it because, they provide those details and information that perhaps would not be obtained otherwise, there are many to do and of course, among them is knowing the fascinating Iguazú Falls.
    Craft fairs, parks with unparalleled landscapes such as those that can be seen in the Botanical Garden or the Hummingbird Garden, a simple walk through the beautiful pedestrian areas and, if possible, there are also Guarani villages that allow visitors.
  • Bicycle. For a faster ride, renting a bike may be the perfect option. In addition, there are guided outings where one can admire the jungle while taking a walk on wheels.
  • Bus. Many prefer a bus tour, as it is a more comfortable, economical and fun way to get to know the city.
  • Horseback riding. There are several estancias that have horses and riders who will gladly take children and adults to have a look around.
  • 4×4 excursions and truck safaris. This is something that would certainly be enjoyed by those looking for a little more adventure in the rainforest.

When it comes to combining adrenaline and entertainment, water activities are a fantastic alternative. Mostly these develop in the Falls. They can be carried out excursions by boat, cruise, speedboat and kayak Yes, there is no escape from ending up soaked, that is why it is essential to be prepared with hermetic bags to take care of belongings and the corresponding protectors for cameras that are not waterproof.

If we talk about a somewhat more aerial view, the helicopter rides they will provide a panorama that will surely leave us dazzled. See from above the 275 waterfalls that make up this paradise It is a show that no one should miss.

Flora and Fauna of Puerto Iguazú

Morpho Butterfly
Butterflies are a beautiful attraction in Puerto Iguazú. Source Wikipedia.

Among so many activities, there is one that can be done from the moment you set foot in Puerto Iguazú, contemplating the flora and fauna of this wonderful place, will make us understand why it is considered a natural treasure for the world itself.

Birds are animals that abound enormously, so many different species fill any road where they perch with color. Perhaps the most important of these is the Waterfall Swift, the glorious emblem of the Iguazú National Park .
Within this park, you can find a great variety of mammals. We may come across small groups of colourful toucans, coatis and adorable Caí monkeys, little mischiefs that will steal your food if you get distracted.

It is almost a must to mention the gigantic variety of insects that lie there, adding, in addition, the countless number of butterflies that flutter around.

On the other hand, more than 2000 native species form the flora, among them are the Black Lapacho and the Palo Rosa, trees that stand out making the landscape a colorful extension worthy of admiration.

Iguazú is a place full of life, fresh air and views that fill the soul. A place that reminds us how beautiful nature can be and that it is up to each one of us to take care of it.

How are the nights in Puerto Iguazú?

Icebar Iguazu
Icebar Iguazu is built entirely of ice. Source Flickr.

After a long day of outdoor adventures, there is nothing better than relax in a bar in the region and enjoy a delicious cocktail while listening to good music, but how much better would it be if we added to those plans visiting a completely new and original place.
Crossing the doors of Icebar Iguazú would make anyone look astonished, a bar made entirely of ice, yes, from the bar where all kinds of drinks are served with and without alcohol, the glasses, seats and even the amazing decorations carved by different renowned artists.

We can’t stop talking about restaurants, whether you want to dine under the stars or in an elegant lounge, taste the local food or the exquisiteness of a gourmet dish, Puerto Iguazú has the perfect restaurant to leave the diner more than satisfied.

Fratello is a highly recommended restaurant for its Italian and international dishes, as well as La Vaca Enamorada has a great reputation for this type of preparation. Vegetarians are not left out, Naipi restaurant, The Argentine Experience and El Jardín, provide the best meals that support this healthy lifestyle, including tasty vegan-friendly dishes.

La Mamma Pastas and Sauces, The Van Burger Slow Foods and the Casa de EmpanadasOn the other hand, they are fast food places where you can have a good time sharing a cold beer and a good conversation in a home environment with rustic touches that enhance the warmth of family life.


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