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El Calafate is located in Patagonia, about 80 kilometers from Perito Moreno, and right where Lake Argentino begins. It is one of the main cities in the province of Santa Cruz and is characterized by being the entrance to Los Glaciares National Park. Its excellent and strategic location lets us see that Calafate is an impressive enclave in which to spend a vacation and get it right. If you were wondering about what excursions can be done in El Calafate , here they are!

What excursions can be done in El Calafate in winter

After describing this town a bit, we have no doubt that ice is a main character in this region , so visiting the area in winter can always be a good idea. Thanks to its dry climate, winter is very bearable in Calafate, without rain or winds. Of course, it must be borne in mind that the days are short.

However, traveling in winter to Patagonia has other advantages such as being able to enjoy nature to the fullest without a huge number of tourists or long lines in the characteristic places. In addition, unlike other countries, winter in Calafate is from June to August, a season in which having vacations is usually easy while traveling to other places could be very expensive due to the high season. So, going to Calafate in winter is always a success.

Perito Moreno Glacier

What excursions can be done in El Calafate

East glacier is one of the most famous in the world for its impressive length of more than five kilometers and 60 meters high. But it is not only that the Perito Moreno is a phenomenon of nature, but also that it offers a daily show by dropping huge blocks of ice that cause an impressive sound and vision. Without a doubt one of the best excursions to do from El Calafate.

Seeing it in winter is, without a doubt, the best option, although make sure you are warmly dressed. One of the most valued excursions in this part of the planet is to take a boat trip on Lake Argentino and see the glacier from much closer. You dare?

Torres del Paine

paine What excursions can be done in El Calafate

Torres del Paine National Park is a privileged and paradisiacal place in the world that has mountains, glaciers, turquoise lakes, waterfalls and waterfalls, and an impressive natural environment . Can you imagine such an image with snow?

Being able to enjoy the turquoise color of the water, the lush green of nature and the snow at the tips of the mountains, is undoubtedly a delight for the eye that you should not miss. His memory will always accompany you.

Discovery of Lake Argentino in 4×4

lago argentino el calafate Best tours and activities in El Calafate

Lake Argentino is surrounded by some of the best natural phenomena in Patagonia. Taking a 4×4 tour will allow you to discover many of them, such as:

  • Cristina stay. It is a small urbanization in the middle of nowhere. Against all odds due to its location, remoteness, and difficult access, Estancia Cristina continues to live since its founders built it in 1914. It is a paradise in a privileged enclave that is well worth visiting and, if you can, staying there.
  • The looker. When you see the lake and the impressive landscape, you have surely thought about what it would look like from above. Well, the viewpoint that is located nearby and which you will access by 4×4 offers you the opportunity to see the second most important glacier in the Glacier National Park, the Upsala, and also part of the Andes Mountains.


Lake Argentino never ceases to amaze by its many hidden corners to discover. One of the most interesting are its caves that silently tell an entire history and journey of indigenous people and expedition members.

This excursion is based on knowing how was the making of contact between those who came to inspect these, which were new lands for them, with the indigenous people. Other caves speak of the Tehuelche civilization through paintings and inscriptions on the walls. To finish, these excursions offer a meal (optional) in one of the caves with views of the Andes.

Glacier cruise

Were you thinking about how much you would like to see several glaciers in this incredible park? Well, it is possible thanks to an excursion that gives you the opportunity to spend the day on a cruise sailing on Lake Argentino while enjoying its spectacular blocks of ice up close.

Trekking in El Chaltén

El Chaltén is a town known as ‘the capital of trekking’. In fact, even Lonely Planet magazine ranked it as one of the best cities in the world to visit. No indigenous people lived in it, but it doesn’t need a very interesting story, since it has an impressive natural environment. Doing a trekking route will allow you to enjoy it to the fullest.

Excursions El Calafate prices 2021

el calafate 1 Best tours and activities in El Calafate

The prices of these and other excursions to do from El Calafate, will depend a lot on the time in which you hire them and with the company you do it. You already know that at Patagonline we are experts in Patagonia and we offer you the best trips, tours and excursions always with incredible prices.

To give you an idea of the prices of the excursions mentioned, we leave you an orientation:

  • Perito Moreno Glacier . The price of this excursion ranges from $ 40 without a cruise to $ 150 if you choose the added option of the cruise. The duration is 8 hours.
  • Torres del Paine. It is a one-day excursion that usually includes transportation and costs about $ 100.
  • The lake in 4×4. This is one of the most complete excursions to do from El Calafate and its price is between 200 and 250 dollars.
  • Caves . The excursion to the caves is half a day and its price is about 40 dollars without food or 65 with food included and views of the Andes.
  • Cruise through the glaciers. One of the excursions to do from El Calafate with which to get the most out of this wonderful corner of the Earth. Its price is approximately 140 dollars, but without a doubt, it will be an unforgettable tour.
  • El Chaltén . A one-day tour that includes transportation and costs around $ 70 excluding food.

Here you have several options for excursions to do from El Calafate. You already know that on our website you can get them for incredible prices and, in addition, some longer and more complete tours to know every corner of Patagonia. You sign up?

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