Iguazú Airport

Iguazú airport is recognized for being located on the Triple Border with Brazil and Paraguay. What services does the Iguazú airport provide?

Located in the city of Puerto Iguazú – Misiones, the Puerto Iguazú airport, is one of several international airports in Argentina , not only recognized for being besieged on the so-called Triple Border with Brazil and Paraguay but also for being in one of the most touristic places in the Argentine country.

Iguazú airport
The Iguazú airport is besieged in the so-called Triple Frontier.

What services does the Iguazú airport?

Shops at Iguazú airport
Iguazú airport has several gift shops.

The airport Iguazú has national and international flights , the main destinations within Argentina being: Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, Rosario and Salta. On the other hand, outside the country the most recurrent sites are Madrid – Spain and Asunción – Paraguay.

There are many airlines that pass through Puerto Iguazú, among them, the three main ones are Argentinian airlines , LATAM Argentina Y Flybondi .

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This airport has a great infrastructure that, throughout its history, was remodeled several times with the aim of improving its facilities. In them, additional services are provided gastronomic such as cafes where you can hang out enjoying a delicious meal while waiting for a flight, shopping of which most are gift shops and car rentals to move around the city.

Additionally, they work with the True Star Secure Bag company that wraps the luggage of those who need it with microfilm at an affordable cost, keeping the traveler’s belongings in perfect condition.

How to go from Iguazú airport to the city center?

It is possible to take a taxi to get around Puerto Iguazú. Source: Unsplash .

Finding the best means of transportation once you reach your destination is an easy task as there are several options to choose from. Fortunately, Iguazú airport is a relatively short distance from the city center , 21 kilometers to be exact, which can be covered without major inconveniences with one of the following transfers:

  • Car rental. As we mentioned before, a good possibility to get around Puerto Iguazú is to rent a car. There are many companies that provide this service, some of them are Iguazú Rent a Car, Avis and Hertz. The cost can vary with each one, but all start with a base rate of approximately USD27.
  • Taxis. It may be the most widely used and the most economical resource when it comes to comfort. For around USD9, a taxi can get you into the city center in no time.
  • Minibus Commonly called combis, these are small buses that can carry 18 to 24 passengers depending on the model. They are often used for group excursions or medium and long distance trips. Undoubtedly, one more option when looking to reduce costs.

How to go from the airport to Foz do Iguaçu?

Car rentals
Foz de Iguazú is almost 33km from the Iguazú airport. Source: Unsplash .

The famous Brazilian city Foz do Iguaçu, with a great history due to its multicultural roots that prevail to this day, is still one of the most visited tourist sites along with Puerto Iguazú.

It is very easy to get to this little piece of paradise from the Iguazú airport, since both points are almost 33 or 38 kilometers apart depending on the route you decide to take.

For the moment, there is no public transport to facilitate direct travel to this wonderful city, that is why the aforementioned means of transportation such as taxi, minibus or car rental are the best alternatives. There is even the option of contacting a company to make a reservation for us and thus have everything ready to go there when you arrive.

Activities to enjoy in Foz do Iguaçu

Bird Park - Foz do Iguaçu
Foz do Iguaçu has a large reserve of birds.

The comments of tourists who have enjoyed an unforgettable stay in Foz do Iguaçu . It is not only the natural landscape that can be distinguished wherever one looks, but also the amount of activities that take place in this place.

If you want to know the city and its history you can take advantage of the different guided bus excursions , or if the traveler likes an aerial view, there are also tours that lead to admire the 275 waterfalls that make up the falls flying comfortably by helicopter.

Another fascinating place in Foz do Iguaçu is the Bird Park , a tourist complex that takes you through the jungle while you contemplate the wonderful species of birds that are preserved there. Very close to this bird reserve, is the Itaipu dam, an immense infrastructure worthy of admiration.

But, Foz do Iguaçu is not just nature, another highlight is its festive nightlife, full of trendy bars like the famous Dreams Ice Bar and elegant restaurants where you can taste the best dishes in the area including Arabic, Italian and Japanese food.