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Patagonia is the southernmost region of the American continent. The origins of its name are still unclear, it is said that Magellan in his first expedition to the area when he disembarked on the coast of San Julian met with the aborigines who were of great stature and with a very developed physique so they called them “Patagonians”, comparing them with “Patagon”, the name of a giant, a very popular character in some novels of the time.

Another story about the origin of the name Patagonia also refers to the Tehuelches, but in this case it is said that the name comes from the huge footprints they left, partly because of their physique and partly because they covered their feet with skins to protect them.

Geographically, Patagonia has a marked contrast.
Although the most recognized landscape is mountains and glaciers, Patagonia also has dry and extensive deserts.

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