The 5 craziest experiences you can have in Antarctica

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So … what can I do in Antarctica? … A lot.

We wrote this full post about the best things you can do in Antarctica.

Camping under the stars

Cruise to Antarctica (Hurtigruten)
Camping in Antarctica (Hurtigruten)

Yes, it is possible to go camping in Antarctica, but only if you join the right tour operator who provides you with the right equipment.

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It may seem risky due to extreme weather conditions, but that’s why you should only do it with a company that takes all safety measures seriously.

You’ll sleep in the dead of winter in high-quality sleeping bags, and the expedition leaders will keep a close eye on the weather systems to make sure it’s the optimal night to do so.

The adventure won’t seem so challenging once night falls and you’ll be in awe of the views of the open sky and stars, with zero light pollution around to hide the universe.

Laying down under the stars and waking up to the sun rising over the vast snowy landscape will stick in your mind forever.

Immerse yourself in polar water

How about swimming in the coldest place in the world? You can do it in Antarctica, and it is a unique experience.

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Whether it’s the icy waters off Deception Island beach, it’s going to be bitterly cold.

But the pain only lasts a minute, and you’ll have expert guides around you to warm you up with blankets and hot chocolate.

Climb Mount Visón

For those who want a serious adventure, and have the skills to go along with it, can you consider climbing the highest mountain in Antarctica, Mount Mink?

monte vinson The 5 craziest experiences you can have in Antarctica
Climbing Mount Visón

The mountain is 4897 m high.

It is one of the seven highest peaks in the world, making it a must-see for any mountaineer looking to reach the Holy Grail.

Kayaking with the whales

Sea kayaking in Antarctica is one of the best adventure activities on the continent, and it’s easy.

Cruise to Antarctica (Hurtigruten)
Kayaks in Antarctica (Hurtigruten)

Surrounded by icebergs, calm waters, and huge glaciers, you can spend hours paddling, constantly being amazed by the scenery.

This is the best way to get up close to Antarctica’s rich marine life, and if you’re really lucky, you might even have a close encounter with a humpback whale!

Visit a Penguin Colony

Cruise to Antarctica (Hurtigruten)
Cruise to Antarctica (Hurtigruten)

Hanging out with the penguins is the number one item on your bucket list in Antarctica

There are six types of penguins that live in Antarctica and they are one of the few animals on the continent that is a guarantee to see no matter when you go!

The guideline for interacting with wildlife in Antarctica is that you have to keep your distance, at least 2 meters from all wildlife, but if they get close to you there is no problem!

These friendly birds are already familiar with humans, so they will likely come to you if you keep waiting.

Unless you work at a research station, the only form of transportation you can experience in Antarctica is the floating type.