What is the best travel season for Patagonia

The season is invested in the extreme south of the American continent. When it is winter in the northern hemisphere, it is summer in Patagonia.

Therefore, the best time to travel to Patagonia is from October to Easter, which generally falls between the months of March and September.

Why is it important to travel to Patagonia between October and Easter?

Due to a climatic issue since the temperatures are more pleasant on these dates.

And because in the winter the access and roads on your Patagonia trip are more limited, mainly in the Andes mountain range and the Glacier area.

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Many hotel establishments and tourist service agencies only operate until Easter. Then they close until next year in October.

Lastly, because spring/summer is when you can see most of the fauna on your trip to Patagonia.

Wildlife Calendar
Fauna Calendar in the Valdes Peninsula

You have to take into account when organizing your trip the season of the fauna in the different reserves of the Atlantic coast in Argentine Patagonia. In different months you will be able to see Right Whales , Magellanic Penguins , Sea Wolves and Elephant Seals.

There are different fauna reserves, the best known being the Valdés Peninsula , but you can also access the fauna in Bahía Bustamante , even in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in Patagonia Argentina, you can visit a penguin colony during your trip to Patagonia.

From June to the beginning of December is the whale watching season in the Valdés Peninsula.

From September to mid-April you will find Penguins in different reserves on the Atlantic Coast.

Sea lions and elephant seals settle all year long on the Patagonian coast.

And the Orcas, are seen in the months of February and March

Now yes, with this information you can start planning your trip.