What to do in Ushuaia in 3 days

Ushuaia is known as the end of the world. The closest thing to this Argentine city is Antarctica, which is located about a thousand kilometers to the south. Incredible! Very close to the Andes and with exciting landscapes, ‘the end of the world’ is presented as a unique and impressive opportunity to spend a different vacation. Have you thought about taking a tour of Patagonia? Well, Ushuaia is the best place to start it, or to finish it. What to do in Ushuaia in 3 days if this is the time you have? There are dozens of options and ideas, do you want to know some?

What to do in Ushuaia in 3 days

Although we have only a few days, we can fully enjoy this unique city in Patagonia. A city with history and a mixture of cultures that is worth getting to know in depth. Possible is 3 days? Yes! In addition, November is an exceptional time because the weather is good and the days are longer.

Day 1

que hacer en ushuaia What to do in Ushuaia in 3 days

For the first day we will start with the essential of this place: the Tierra de Fuego National Park . You can go on your own or hire excursions with guides who will tell you very interesting details about the fauna and flora, as well as the history of the place.

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To get from Ushuaia to there there is a bus that will drop you off at the entrance, although the most recommended, since you only have a few days, is to rent a car to make the most of your time.

And what to do in this park? Without a doubt, some of its trails, which can last up to three hours, but believe us, they are very worth it. The lengas forests are unique to the area and combined with snowy peaks and icy beaches, you will have an unforgettable landscape in your mind. And if you are one of the most daring adventurers, you can camp there and sleep in one of the most special natural corners of the world.

The Tierra de Fuego Natural Park will steal a whole day from you, but it is an essential that you cannot stop doing. However, if you want to make the most of your first day, use the morning for the park and the afternoon to navigate the Beagle Channel where you can see the iconic lighthouse.

Day 2

Don’t worry, there’s still time to get the most out of Ushuaia.

On the second day, we suggest a visit to the museums. You can see both in one morning and take advantage of the afternoon for another activity.

ushuaia museum

The museums are:

  • The Prison Museum. In this museum you will learn about the history of the prison (the building itself is still a prison) and details about the expeditions to Antarctica as well as the fauna of the area. It is curious to know that the first thing that existed in Ushuaia was this jail and then, little by little, the city appeared due to the jobs that the prison was generating. Yes, without a doubt it is a must if you think about what to do in Ushuaia in 3 days.
  • End of the World Museum. As you may know, the city of Ushuaia has an indelible mark of indigenous and colonizers who were in the area. In this museum you will learn about this history and the influence that both civilizations left on the city. An interesting journey through the history of Tierra del Fuego.

And what to do in Ushuaia in the afternoon on our second day? Well, two things: a photo on the famous poster of the end of the world that is in the port. Let’s say it’s the iconic photo that will make the difference between this and other trips you’ve made. And the second thing, get on the End of the World Train. You will have a few free hours, in which we recommend that you take a walk around the city, meet its people, talk to them, let them tell you stories and, above all, try their food!

Day 3

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Day three of our trip to the ‘end of the world’ is going to be bumpy, but it will put the icing on the cake. We will start very early to go visit and do some trekking through Laguna Esmeralda . We tell you to start early so that you take advantage of part of the morning and afternoon to go to Isla Martillo. There is the most spectacular natural penguin colony in the world. And is that the penguins are part of the native fauna of the place. You cannot miss them! You will have them very close, you can walk among them, but be careful, they are very naughty!

What to do in Ushuaia in January

January, like November, is an exceptional season in which it is summer in Patagonia, so you can fully enjoy its many activities and places to see. In addition, as the days are very long, since you enjoy the light for longer, we give you some extra ideas to make the most of them. The itinerary that we gave you before is valid for both months, but you can also:

  • Taste their gastronomy. As a good coastal city, Ushuaia has typical dishes in which fish is the protagonist. Some of the products that you use the most are mussels, toothfish, spider crab or trout. And if you are more of a meat, the lamb roasted on the cross is one of the most characteristic dishes of the place. Argentina is a land of meat!
  • Visit the chocolate shops, or at the very least, have a chocolate. In a land of cold, chocolate cannot be absent. Ushuaia is no less, and not only that, its chocolate is one of the best in the world, or at least that is how it tastes when you are there. Is it because of the cold? Check it out for yourself!
  • Buy crafts. Where there were indigenous people, there are handicrafts, and they are very beautiful. Made by hand, they are capable of silently telling the story of a place at the end of the Earth that boasts natural beauties everywhere. You can find pieces of wool, jewelry or some ceramic objects. There is an Artisan Fair in Plaza 25 de Mayo where you will have access to them.
  • And if one of the days you have an hour or two free, in that same square you can live a virtual reality experience to Antarctica. Since this trip has not given you the opportunity to go there, enjoy a free exhibition in the Antarctic Experience space.

Who Said 3 Days Weren’t Enough? We are sure that with these tips you will get all the juice out of Ushuaia, a unique corner in the world. Don’t forget to take a look at our 3-day travel packages to Ushuaia! Now you know what to do in Ushuaia in 3 days to make the most of it.