How much does it cost to travel to Antarctica

Save on your trip

Let’s be honest – A trip to Antarctica is not cheap. – How much does it cost to travel to Antarctica

But when you compare everything that can be seen and done, remote location of the destination and what an expedition entails, the value of the trip is quite fair.

On a trip to Antarctica you can spend anywhere from $ 500 per day to $ 2500 per day, and this depends on the itinerary, the company and the type of berth you want to sleep in on the boat.

If you’re looking to save money on a trip to Antarctica, the only way to do it is by booking a ticket at the last minute.

Last minute, but you run the risk to show up in Ushuaia and not getting a place at the last minute.

Different travel packages to Antarctica

When you are doing your research on travel to Antarctica you may be surprised to see a huge price difference from one company to another.

Why this price fluctuation? It is often due to two things: the quality of the boat and the reputation of the company.

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Cheap trips to Antarctica

Not all companies are the same and this must be taken into account when booking the trip.

If a travel company is super cheap, there is probably a reason for it. The service the staff may not be that good, the ship may be much older, and you may only be on a limited and fewer number of days on the current continent.

We have seen cheap trips of up to $ 5000. However, remember that you get what you pay for.

Our Secret Tip – You want to go to Antarctica with a reputable and responsible company, but are not willing to pay large amounts? Book the cheapest cabin on the ship.

You will continue to receive the exact same service, the same guides, the same destinations, the same activities, except that you are not paying a large amount for a luxury room.

And the truth is, you won’t be spending much time in your cabin anyway, so save your money and book a cheap berth in good company.

Luxury Boats

There are many luxury ships that visit Antarctica, and if this is your thing, then perfect.

These boats will have all the comforts you would expect to find on a high-end trip, with hot tubs, swimming pools, masseurs, elevators, etc.

Sometimes these luxury boats depart from places like Montevideo in Uruguay or Buenos Aires, and end in Valparaíso in Chile. And they are longer trip. But these tailor-made experiences come at a high price, which can go up to $ 25,000 (or more)!

Is this the best way to visit Antarctica? In our opinion, no, since ships are usually quite large, they have a large number of passengers.

And mainly they cannot navigate the Antarctic channels therefore you make a more superficial and distant navigation from Antarctica.

Last minute trips to Antarctica

And what about the last minute trips to Antarctica that you have surely heard about?

Is it really possible to take a trip to Antarctica for less than $ 5,000?

Short answer, yes.

However, last minute means last minute, and you will often have to travel to Ushuaia and check locally with all the tour operators in the city.

If a vacancy arises (such as if someone cancels their trip) you will get on a waiting list to get hooked on the trip to Antarctica.

But it is possible that they only give you a day or two in advance and that you end up spending a week or more in Ushuaia waiting to be notified.

If you have the time and funds to stay in Southern Patagonia during these weeks, this can be a viable way to visit Antarctica at low cost.

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