Buenos Aires airport

If you are thinking of traveling to the Argentine capital, it is normal for you to wonder which is the airport in Buenos Aires, how to get from there to your accommodation, how much the journey will cost and some other things. Don’t worry, all the information you need about theairport in Buenos Aires , you have it in this post. Do you want us to travel together?

Is there more than one airport in Buenos Aires?

It is not surprising that in large cities, as in the case of Buenos Aires, there is more than one airport. Specifically, there are three in the Argentine capital:

  • Jorge Newbery Airport
  • Ezeiza International Airport
  • El Palomar airport

Jorge Newbery Airport

jorge newbery buenos aires Buenos Aires airport

Has a privileged situation between the sea and a busy highway. Of the three airports in the city, it is the closest to the center, so it is usually the most chosen among tourists, although cheap flights to it are scarce, given its strategic location. You have to decide whether to save a few euros on the flight or the journey to the hotel.

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It only consists of an L-shaped terminal with two floors, one for departures and one for arrivals. It is small but well connected.

Ezeiza International Airport

ezeiza buenos aires

This airport in Buenos Aires is located about 22 kilometers southwest of the city. Although its official name is Ministro Pistrani International Airport, it has been known as Ezeiza for several years. It is one of the largest airports in the city and also one of the busiest. In fact, in 2019 it registered more than 12 million passengers.

El Palomar airport

This airport in Buenos Aires was inaugurated as a military base in 1910, but it began to be used as commercial airport in 2017 . It is the smallest of the three present in the city and is only used by some cost companies. Night flights are prohibited.

It consists of a small terminal with an arrivals hall and a departures hall, but it is enough to keep it open throughout the day from 6 am to 11 pm.

It is located only 26 kilometers from the center and has a very good combination to get from it to the city.

How to go from Buenos Aires airport to downtown

One of the advantages that all the city’s airports have is that they are located in very close surroundings and, therefore, getting from them to the city is not complicated. In fact, there are several options to do it such as public transport or a taxi.

It is also worth mentioning that the three airports have rental car services and that in many of the flights, when they are hired, you can add private transfers with which you could save a little money. What are the other options?


The train is a good option to go from any airport in Buenos Aires to the city center. Each of them, including El Palomar, which is the smallest, has a line that directly connects the terminal with the city. They usually have departures every 15 minutes , and the stops are a few minutes walk from the airport. The best thing about this type of transport is its price that barely reaches the 25 euro cents one way.


airport in buenos aires arbus

There are different bus lines at each airport in Buenos Aires that will connect you with different parts of the city. Called collective buses and the price of the journey is similar to that of the train. The difference is that the train uses its own lanes and, therefore, will take you faster to your destination, while the bus could take up to 50 minutes from Newbery airport, despite being the closest to the city.

You have to know that public transport in Buenos Aires cannot be paid in cash. To use it you will have to acquire a card called SUBE and it costs approximately one euro. It is filled with money at specific points for it and can be shared with several people. It is easy to get it and fill it out at the airport, you just have to ask at an information point or any Argentine you see. They are so friendly that they will be happy to help you!

How much does a taxi cost from the airport in Buenos Aires

taxi buenos aires

Another option to go from the airport in Buenos Aires to the city center or the place where you stay, is the taxi. It is the most comfortable, since you can pick it up at the door and they will leave you at the place you stay. The price of a taxi from the airport in Buenos Aires will depend on the airport you have chosen.

For example:

  • Of the Newbery to the center of the city: 500 ARS which is about 5 euros.
  • Of the Dovecote to the city center: about 1 300 ARS (about 13 euros).
  • From Ezeiza to the center: about 700 ARS (7 euros)

As you can see, there are many options to go from the airport to the city, with very varied prices and for everyone. Remember that you can hire private transfers through the accommodation or flight you have chosen. A driver will wait for you at the exit door with a sign with your name and surname and will help you carry your suitcases to the car.

How to change airports in Buenos Aires

Many airlines offer flights to Buenos Aires with stopovers at one airport and departing from another. This can be a headache if we do not know very well how easy it is to move between airports in the city.

Buenos Aires has a bus line called Arbus that connects the three airports every five minutes from 4 am to 11 pm. The best thing is that you can go from one airport to another or access any airport in Buenos Aires from anywhere in the city. The best thing is that its price is about 25 euro cents.

Therefore, if you are looking for flights to the Argentine capital and you realize a stopover of this type, don’t worry, it is very easy to be able to access from one airport to another.

Do you already have all the information you need about the airport in Buenos Aires? We think so! Now you just need to find the flight that suits you best on our page, and fly!