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About me

Hi, I’m Matias, born in Patagonia and lover of my land.

For more than 20 years I have been organizing individual trips to Argentina and Chile.

I create an itinerary for your trip that fits your dates and places you are most interested in visiting.

What is my philosophy for your trip

tailor-made trip


We do not do groups. My services are private with local guides that speak English.


Unless the price does not justify it, I always try to take you with my own guides otherwise we will use regular tours.


I work with small, authentic, family-run hotels.

Questions with answers

In this section I will try to clarify any doubts you may have when outsourcing the organization of a trip.

You have to explain to me what you are interested in seeing and on what dates you plan to travel. Based on that I will make my recommendations and prepare a detailed itinerary for your trip.

First we will work on the basis of a technical quotation of the trip (spreadsheet), where I detail all the services included, whether flights, hotels, excursions, etc…


Technical quotation

When we have the itinerary already defined I will prepare the detailed trip with the day by day to print or consult from the phone during your trip.

Here you can see an example of the final itinerary of the trip. >

We will then plan a payment schedule that is convenient for you and initiate the booking process.

Note: upon delivery of this work I will ask for a credit note of 150 USD.

  • If you finally decide to hire our service, the amount will be subtracted from the final value of the trip.
  • If you do not contract the trip, that amount is considered payment for my advice.

If you are already planning your trip to Argentina, you have probably already heard about the parallel exchange rates from Dollar to Peso in Argentina.

In this extensive article I explain how it works and the ways to exchange money in Buenos Aires.

As of December 2022 the Argentine government implemented a system so that foreign tourists can pay directly with their credit card and they are charged an exchange rate known as MEP, which only differs by approximately 8% from the BLUE exchange rate.

In order to explain it better, let’s do an exercise:

Let’s suppose I want to book an excursion to the Perito Moreno Glacier which has a value of 197 dollars which would be about 35,460 pesos at today’s exchange rate on January 14, 2023.

If1nmXXdKxLOBK4AjfNSz931Y73G6RjZPhDsfqoHRh7trikxB0bq0ZYw4pXj7bpwxjuqkXfAzCEC8Fzmkj1xiXmUzb Cz9er31iA5R120XD7j5fwBdOVTsNZN3JrwiKscdwB6X0aFbBjHfYW5djek6nWkDbNMb2HRqQjhMXc2U0or9G6M 8XQjMFu5H0qA I organize your trip to Patagonia
  • If I buy it online its final dollar value is 197 USD (because I am paying in dollars from abroad)
  • If I hire it directly in El Calafate at a local agency and pay with pesos in cash exchanged at the Blue value, the final value in dollars will be 97 USD (because if I exchange it on the black market I get more pesos for my dollars (because I will get more pesos for my dollars in the black market)
  • If I contract it paying with credit card (domiciled outside Argentina) and through my service (Invoice in pesos), the final value in dollars will be 104 USD (because the Argentine government applies an exchange rate very similar to the parallel Blue Blue Blue exchange rate (because the Argentinean government applies a very similar exchange rate to the parallel Blue)

Advantages of carrying pre-contracted services with my me:

  1. I can help you plan your tailor-made route and give you tips to make your itinerary efficient.
  2. You book all services (flights, hotels and excursions) and avoid the stress of having to book everything on the fly.
  3. You avoid going with bundles of bills when hiring a service.
  4. You avoid the risk of exchanging money in caves, which involves some danger (you only use your credit card).

My country has constantly changing economic rules and the advantage of managing your trip directly with people there is that we are aware of these changes and do what is best for your trip.

The technical and legal organization of the trip is in charge of the company WANDERLUST EXPEDICIONES (TRAILS SRL).

It is best to pay using your credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) in order to benefit from the MEP exchange rate explained in this article.

As these are usually large sums, we will plan a payment schedule together to make it more affordable for you.

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