Best hotels in Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn, Argentina is a beautiful coastal town located a stone’s throw from the Valdés Peninsula and is also located right in the middle of one of the largest whaling bays in the world. Today we will see the best hotels in Puerto Madryn. The wildlife that surrounds Puerto Madryn makes it a must-see destination […]

Where to eat in Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn is the city chosen to stay by most visitors to the Valdés Peninsula. Here is a selection of its best restaurants, so you can try them during your stay. From a classic seafood restaurant to a cafeteria with delicious snacks and a good pizzeria. Chona (on the waterfront) Very good gastronomy with hearty […]

Where is Puerto Madryn

Where is Puerto Madryn? Puerto Madryn is a protected port located approximately halfway along the Argentine coast. It is situated in the Golfo Nuevo, which is a natural deep-water port. Puerto Madryn is located at the western end of the Gulf. Where is Puerto Madryn Panorama The city of Puerto Madryn belongs to the Biedma […]

What to do in Puerto Madryn

Located on the east coast of Argentina in the Chubut province, Puerto Madryn is still technically in the Patagonia region. Today we will see what to do in Puerto Madryn. It has many beaches to hang out on, but by far the main attraction is the appearance of the southern right whales that visit its […]