Argentina Travel

What you need to know to travel to Argentina
Argentina is a country with its arms wide open, it is impossible not to feel comfortable with people as welcoming as the Argentines, with a permanent history linked to Europe, it is the most European country in South America.

In Argentina you feel at home
From north to south the country changes its scenery abruptly. From the tropical landscapes of the Iguazu Falls and the dry pre-Columbian north to the end of the world, from north to south it stretches for 3,700 km, while from east to west its maximum length is 1,425 km, the Route 40 runs north to south from Ushuaia to the north of Argentina.

The cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, a port of entry by boat for European immigrants in the previous two centuries and now for tourists by air, is characterised by a culture of events and entertainment.

The passion for football and an excellent and diverse gastronomy. There are few places where you can eat as well as in Argentina. The wines of the Mendoza area, the wineries of Cafayate in Salta and even the Patagonian wine productions deserve another section.