10 authentic Argentine restaurants in Buenos Aires

It is often noted that Buenos Aires feels like Europe in many ways. On the one hand, with its Parisian-looking buildings, but also in the city’s cuisine, which is often inspired by that of Italy and Spain. However, Buenos Aires is no copycat and fuses these influences with its unique South American flair to create […]

The 11 best National Parks in Argentina

Argentina has an amazing 33 national parks that have been designated throughout its vast territory. From the epic Patagonian mountain ranges to the low-lying swamps, there is an abundance of nature to behold throughout the country. Tierra del Fuego National Park Tierra del Fuego National Park is located in the south of Argentina, effectively at […]

What to eat in Argentina

Forget diet when looking for Argentinian dishes to try. From the milanese to the alfajores, your effort to shrink your belt is in vain. It is not to worry. Along with the gain in inches and pounds, you’ll carry memories of the tastiest dishes you’ve ever tasted. There are hundreds of restaurants, cafes, and sidewalk […]

15 spectacular places to visit in Argentina

Argentina is sought after by tourists for its wide range of activities and geographic diversity. From the wide Patagonian panoramas to the vast pampas , the South American country is a perfect place for nature lovers and explorers alike. Perito Moreno Glacier The Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park, just outside the city […]

How to drink mate in Argentina

What has the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the appeal of chocolate? That will be yerba mate, the traditional South American drink. Read on to find out how to make yerba mate tea and where it comes from, and be sure to follow the etiquette section if you want to know […]

The most beautiful cities in Argentina

From the sophistication of Mendoza to the charm and history of small towns nestled in rugged, scenic landscapes, there are plenty of captivating destinations to visit in Argentina . Here is our selection of the most beautiful places in this diverse South American country that you should put on your must-see list. Villa La Angostura […]

Route 40

El Chalten

Cave of the hands

Bahia Bustamante