Travel to Chile

What you need to know to travel to Chile

Chile is a beautiful country with a rich and diverse landscape.
A country full of natural contrasts, from the arid deserts of the north to Patagonia.

In all its extension Chile borders with its neighboring country Argentina which makes it very easy to access by land.

There are many land and sea crossings between the two countries, the best known in the north are those that connect the cities of Salta and San Pedro de Atacama.

And in the south those that cross from Calafate to Torres del Paine or Puerto Natales and the one in central Patagonia that connects Bariloche with Puerto Montt.

Others not so busy but just as interesting are those that connect the Chilean Carretera Austral with the Los Antiguos area in Argentina.

Another curiosity is that since Chile has a large intercontinental ice zone, in order to access the last region of Chile you have to cross into Argentina.

I have in mind if you want to cross Chile from north to south in a vehicle.
You will always need an authorization to cross with the vehicle to Argentina.

donde está Valparaíso

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Puerto Montt
Puerto Montt

How to get to Puerto Montt

The city of Puerto Montt is the starting point to an insular maritime zone, which begins with the group of islands and channels located near