One week itinerary through the north of Chile

Discover some of the sights of Chile with this itinerary that focuses on the two largest Chilean cities: the capital, Santiago, and colorful Valparaíso. This itinerary also fits in with a wine tour, as well as a trip to the amazing San Pedro de Atacama. Day 1: Santiago Wake up in the heart of this […]

What to see in Chile – its 10 most beautiful cities

Like a long, thin strip stretching across the Pacific Ocean, Chile is a country with surprisingly diverse terrain, from the snow-capped Andes and colossal glaciers to a wave-battered coastline and desolate desert. In the midst of these mind-boggling geographic extremes lie a plethora of urban centers, each one more attractive than the last; you can […]

What to visit in Chile – 19 unmissable places

With some 2,600 miles (4,300 kilometers) separating the southern tip of Patagonia from the northern border of Peru, Chile has a wide variety of worthwhile attractions in a variety of geographical areas. Starting from the south, let’s move north on a tour of the 20 best tourist destinations in Chile. Magdalena Island Do you have […]

Carretera Austral



Torres del Paine

Santiago de Chile

Easter Island

Atacama Desert