How to get to Buenos Aires

How to get to Buenos Aires Travel to Buenos Aires by plane Buenos Aires (BUE IATA) is the international gateway to Argentina and is easily accessible from Europe and North America, along with other major cities in South America. The main airport for international flights to and from Buenos Aires is the Ezeiza International Airport, […]

Romantic hotels in Buenos Aires

Romantic, genuine and charming. This is our list with the most romantic hotels in Buenos Aires, Argentina . Unforgettable hotels for a sweet stay in Buenos Aires. If you are looking for a romantic GETAWAY from the center of Buenos Aires, check out our other list of hotels for a romantic weekend. Romantic hotels in […]

Best hotels in Buenos Aires

We have created a list of the best hotels in Buenos Aires , Argentina . I hope you enjoy it. We think it could be the best of its kind. Best hotels in Buenos Aires 1. AQ Tailored Suites Boutique hotel. Pool on the roof. comfortable beds Featuring a garden and a terrace, AQ Tailored […]

Neighborhoods of Buenos Aires

What are the best neighborhoods in Buenos Aires?… Next, we tell you which are considered the best neighborhoods to live in the City of Buenos Aires. Palermo. Certainly, Palermo is considered the best neighborhood to live in the City of Buenos Aires . … Recollect. Recoleta is one of the great classics of the city. […]

What to do in Buenos Aires

What to see in Buenos Aires If you are a fan of walking through green spaces and parks, we recommend you take a walk in Palermo, a beautiful area in the north of the city. Here you will find not only open spaces for walking, but also a large lake where you can rent rowboats […]

What to eat in Buenos Aires

What to eat in Buenos Aires Although the main food that Argentines consume is beef, there are other options in this cosmopolitan city. Italian food is ubiquitous, but in neighborhoods like Palermo, pizzerias are seeing stiff competition from sushi, fusion, and even vegetarian bistros. Almost anything can be delivered – including fantastic gourmet ice cream. […]

What to see in Buenos Aires!

Buenos Aires , the capital of Argentina, is a city with a unique enclave and a privileged climate. Not for less is it chosen by millions of tourists every year who do not want to stop enjoying its charms. And there is a lot what to see in Buenos Aires ! There are many reasons […]

Buenos Aires airport

If you are thinking of traveling to the Argentine capital, it is normal for you to wonder which is the airport in Buenos Aires, how to get from there to your accommodation, how much the journey will cost and some other things. Don’t worry, all the information you need about theairport in Buenos Aires , […]

How is the weather in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires , the capital of Argentina is a unique enclave not only for its good location, but also for its privileged climate, which is why millions of tourists visit it every year. Despite having cold and wet winters, this gives it an unbeatable beauty. Let’s see what we can discover about him weather in […]

Buenos Aires