When is the best time to travel to Patagonia ?

When is the best time to travel to Patagonia The Patagonia Argentina , full of beautiful landscapes and a great variety of fauna, it is one of the most outstanding destinations in Latin America. The amount of species that we can observe, as well as the natural conditions of the main attractions, depend directly on […]

Map of Patagonia

Why maps are important to plan your trip to Patagonia The Patagonian region is very large and you need a map to plan your trip well. In the case of making a road route, having an updated road map is essential. In Patagonia the internet connection is usually scarce therefore having a printed map at […]

Patagonia infographic

About us

What is Patagonline and how it started My name is Matias and I am the founder of Patagonline, this journey began almost 20 years ago.In 1997 I was finishing my studies and working in Buenos Aires when, motivated by the so-called internet bubble, I wanted to make a website about Patagonia. It seemed to me […]

Travel to Patagonia

How to travel to Patagonia? Patagonia is divided into 4 large districts that represent the main tourist attractions, both for their scenery and their wildlife: the Valdés peninsular, Ushuaia, the glaciers and the lake district. Patagonia is the southernmost place in South America, the frontier area between Argentina and Chile. Patagonia is a vast geographical […]