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Puerto Madryn, Argentina is a beautiful coastal town located a stone’s throw from the Valdés Peninsula and is also located right in the middle of one of the largest whaling bays in the world. Today we will see the best hotels in Puerto Madryn.

The wildlife that surrounds Puerto Madryn makes it a must-see destination in Argentina .

There are tons of options when it comes to where to stay in Puerto Madryn. Right in town, there’s everything from vibrant hostels to quaint guesthouses and luxury hotels like in Iguazú! So, no matter what your budget and travel style, you are sure to find the perfect accommodation in Puerto Madryn!


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Here are some amazing options for all budgets for places to stay in Puerto Madryn:


Hostel La Tosca

This is where we stay! It is one of the cheapest in all of Puerto Madryn but it is actually very comfortable and very well valued. They have dorms and privates, as well as a large garden and patio to hang out in. They also have two large kitchens for cooking! It’s a great place to meet other travelers.

Franca Hostel & Suites

This hostel is a bit more expensive than La Tosca, but it’s new and beautiful! It is beautifully decorated and offers a garden and a fully equipped kitchen. They have dorm beds available as well as private rooms that can sleep up to 4 people. It has a high rating and the owner is said to be helpful and friendly.

Comfortable guest houses and hotels (budget mid-range)

The Bridge Complex

This place offers fully equipped apartments. That means for around $65 USD a night you can get a studio apartment with a full kitchen! Larger apartments are also available for larger groups. This place is super clean and located right in the center of the city, only 100m from the beach!

Hotel Toulouse

This hotel is modern and fresh. It has a beautiful decoration and an incredible price of about $80 USD per night. The location is only 250 meters from the beach, right in the center of the city. There is even a bar in the hotel to enjoy a late night glass of wine after a day exploring Puerto Madryn!



Best hotels in Puerto Madryn
Source: Hotel Guru

MADRYN -31 rooms from €68
Beach Life – Located on the Atlantic coast in the tourist hub of Puerto Madryn, which boasts stunning beaches.

Back to Nature – Explore the Valdez Peninsula, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.

Bird Watching – See the majestic Magellanic penguins on a wildlife tour

Views – Excellent views from the hotel

Recommended by – Great Small HotelsA charming boutique hotel offering spacious rooms with a large heated outdoor pool and sun terrace in a beautiful garden. Guests can enjoy a drink at the poolside bar while admiring views of the surrounding forest. The cuisine is excellent and all made with locally sourced ingredients.


s440x294 1 Best hotels in Puerto Madryn

PUERTO MADRYN-36 rooms from €134

Active Holidays – From deep sea diving to hiking in the mountains, there are a plethora of activities to partake in.

Back to Nature – A contemporary hotel that has access to some of the richest wildlife areas in Patagonia.

Navigation – Enjoy the views as you navigate the waters off Puerto Madryn.

Diving – This area is known for its excellent diving conditions.

Recommended By – Great Little HotelsA contemporary property with ocean views and access to exciting wildlife areas.

The elegant rooms have a clean design with soft tones, dotted with traditional fabrics.

An atmospheric lounge is perfect for tasting local wines. Find endless outdoor activities in this epic corner of Argentina.


s440x294 2 Best hotels in Puerto Madryn
Fountain. Hotel Guru

PUERTO MADRYN- rooms from €234

Active Vacations – With biking, hiking, and whale watching among some of the activities on offer, this hotel is ideal for an active vacation.

Country Getaway – Located on a heritage estate in Argentine Patagonia, this hotel is a beautiful country getaway.

Families : This hotel is popular with families as it offers accommodation and activities for children.

Remote – Off the beaten track.

This heritage rural hotel is located in Punta Ninfas, part of Argentine Patagonia. Rooms are cozy and inviting, with rich linens, hardwood floors, and antique furniture; Family rooms are available to accommodate children. Go whale watching in a submarine or relax by the pool; a unique stay.

Tips and advice- Puerto Madryn

How many days should I stay in Puerto Madryn?

We recommend at least 2 nights so you can do 2 full day explorations.

When is the best time to visit

Puerto Madryn can be visited throughout the year, but the wildlife that lives in this area is not present all year round. Like the whales, they arrive in the bay of Puerto Madryn at the end of June and stay until mid-December. While the penguins settle during the Argentine spring and summer from September to March. Elephant seals and sea lions are permanent residents and can therefore be seen throughout the year.

How to get to Puerto Madryn

Flight : Puerto Madryn has an airport but most flights still arrive in Trelew, 65 km to the south.

Bus : There are buses from Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn and the trip takes about 19 hours.

Self-drive : If you like this style of travel, this destination is perfect for independent road trips. We recommend vehicles suitable for gravel, since some roads on the peninsula are not paved.

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