Hop On Hop Off Buenos Aires: Which One is the Best Bus?

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Hop On Hop Off Buenos Aires offers one of the most efficient and convenient ways to explore the sprawling city, especially for those who are limited in time. Navigating Buenos Aires can be challenging due to its complex public transportation system, but this bus tour provides an easy way to see the sights and get a sense of orientation.

There are two companies that provide the hop on hop off bus tour in Buenos Aires:

  • Buenos Aires Bus
  • Grayline

The hop on hop off system allows tourists to start and end their tour at any stop they choose. The two companies have different routes but both stop at major tourist attractions.

Tickets for the tour can be bought online or at the main office. The quality of the audio system is moderate and available in multiple languages, the seats are comfortable and there is air conditioning on the bus.

These tours offer a convenient and efficient way to see all the major attractions in Buenos Aires, without the hassle of trying to navigate public transportation or drive yourself.

The bus routes typically include stops at popular tourist destinations such as the Plaza de Mayo, the Obelisk, the Teatro Colon, and the Recoleta Cemetery. You can hop on and off the bus as many times as you like, allowing you to explore each attraction at your own pace.

Hop-On Hop-Off Buses in Buenos Aires

One of the best things about the hop-on hop-off bus tours is that they offer a variety of different routes. There are different routes that cover different parts of the city, so you can choose the one that best fits your interests.

The hop-on hop-off bus tour in Buenos Aires is operated by the 2 mentioned companies and are a great way to explore the city.

For example, if you’re interested in learning more about the history of Buenos Aires, you can take the historical route, which stops at important landmarks such as the Casa Rosada and the Cementerio de la Recoleta. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in shopping and eating, you can take the shopping and dining route, which stops at popular shopping districts and restaurants.

Casa Rosada - On Hop-Off Bus Buenos Aires
Casa Rosada – Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Buenos Aires

Another great feature of the hop-on hop-off bus tour is the audio guides that are available in multiple languages. They provide interesting and informative commentary about each of the stops on the route, giving you a deeper understanding of the city and its history.

Many hop-on hop-off bus tours also offer combo packages, which include other activities such as boat tours or walking tours. These combo packages can be a great way to make the most of your time in Buenos Aires, as they allow you to see multiple attractions at a discounted price.

Which one is the best ?

If you are planning a trip to Buenos Aires, you may be wondering whether to invest in a city tour bus, also known as the “Hop on Hop off Bus Buenos Aires.” The bright yellow and red double-deck buses are a common sight in the city, and the idea of taking a leisurely tour around the city, hopping on and off at your convenience, is certainly tempting. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to decide whether the Hop on Hop off Bus Buenos Aires is worth the cost.

Tour Options in Buenos Aires

There are two companies offering Hop on Hop off Bus tours in Buenos Aires: the yellow tourist bus operated by “Buenos Aires Bus” and the red double-deck buses operated by “Grayline.” Both companies offer hop on hop off systems, which means you can start your tour at any stop, hop off and explore the area, and then hop back on again at the same or another stop. With either company, you will have the opportunity to see much of what Buenos Aires has to offer.

Stops Along the Route

Both the yellow bus from Buenos Aires Bus and the red bus from Grayline stop at some of the city’s most popular sights, including Recoleta, Teatro Colón, Avenida de Mayo, Plaza del Congreso, Parque Lezama, Boca Juniors’ La Bombonera stadium, La Boca, Puente de la Mujer, and the Reserva Ecológica. For the convenience of Secrets of Buenos Aires readers, we have created a map of the bus routes.

Which Tour Bus Should You Choose?

The yellow and red bus routes differ slightly. For example, the yellow bus stops in Palermo Soho and runs to the National Congress of Argentina, while the red bus line stops at the River Plate stadium. Both buses stop at the most famous attractions in the city, so your choice will largely depend on your personal preferences and budget.

Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, is a big city with a rich tapestry of cultural spaces, modern and traditional neighborhoods, and colorful sights. For tourists, especially those new to South America, navigating this sprawling metropolis can be overwhelming. That’s where the Hop On Hop Off Buenos Aires tourist bus comes into play. This service offers an efficient and convenient way to explore different Buenos Aires neighborhoods, from the historic San Telmo to the modern Puerto Madero.

The Route

The bus route is meticulously planned to cover a wide range of tourist attractions. Starting from the city center, the buses run through Plaza San Martín, San Telmo, La Boca, and many more. Each stop is strategically located near significant attractions, whether it’s the magnificent Metropolitan Cathedral or the vibrant streets of La Boca.

Traditional vs. Modern Neighborhoods

One of the best things about the Hop On Hop Off Buenos Aires service is that it allows you to discover traditional neighborhoods like San Telmo, known for its antique shops and tango performances, as well as modern neighborhoods like Puerto Madero, filled with upscale restaurants and skyscrapers. This gives tourists a well-rounded experience of Buenos Aires, capturing its essence from multiple angles.

Attractions and Food

As you hop off at different Buenos Aires neighborhoods, you’ll find a plethora of attractions and food options. La Boca offers colorful sights and is a haven for art lovers. San Telmo, on the other hand, is a foodie’s paradise where you can indulge in Argentinean delicacies. And let’s not forget Puerto Madero, where you can enjoy fine dining with a view of the water.


The buses are equipped with a free WiFi connection, allowing you to share your experiences in real-time. This is particularly useful for those who want to upload photos or check-in at various tourist attractions.


Tired of sightseeing? The Hop On Hop Off service offers the flexibility of drop-off admission. You can leave the tour at any point and rejoin later, as the buses run at regular intervals. This gives you the freedom to explore places like the cultural spaces in San Martin or the shopping districts near Plaza San Martín at your own pace.

Why Choose Hop On Hop Off Buenos Aires?

In a city as expansive and diverse as Buenos Aires, a tourist bus service like this offers a practical way to see the city. It eliminates the need for navigating the complex public transportation system and provides a guided experience that covers both traditional and modern aspects of Buenos Aires.

So, the next time you find yourself in this South American gem, consider taking the Hop On Hop Off Buenos Aires bus tour. It’s the most convenient and comprehensive way to experience the city, from its cultural spaces to its traditional and modern neighborhoods.

The Hop on Hop off Bus Buenos Aires: Is It Worth the Money?

The answer to this question will depend on your personal preferences and travel style. If you enjoy taking guided tours and appreciate the convenience of hopping on and off at various stops, the Hop on Hop off Bus Buenos Aires is a great option.

The audio system on the bus is of moderate quality, with a choice of up to 10 languages, including Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, and Arabic. The seats are made of plastic but are quite comfortable. The bus company provides small disposable earphones to enhance your listening experience. The rooftop of the bus is divided into two areas, with an open section and a cabin in front with air conditioning.

Recoleta Cemetery - On Hop-Off Bus Buenos Aires
Recoleta Cemetery – On Hop-Off Bus Buenos Aires

Where to start and Buy Your Ticket

If you would like to purchase a ticket for the Hop on Hop off Bus Buenos Aires, you have two options. You can head to the main office at Florida

You can purchase your Hop on Hop off Bus tickets online from either Buenos Aires Bus or Grayline. To ensure your comfort, we suggest buying your tickets online and starting your tour wherever you would like in Buenos Aires. Your 24-hour or 48-hour ticket will be valid from the moment you first hop on the bus.

The Buenos Aires Tour Bus operates every day from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Overall, a hop-on hop-off bus tour is a great way to see the best of Buenos Aires in a short amount of time. It’s a convenient and efficient way to explore the city, and with the variety of routes available, you can choose the one that best fits your interests. Plus, the audio guides and combo packages make it an even more enjoyable and informative experience.

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