How to get to Antarctica

Due to the position of Antarctica at the end of continent Earth, reaching Antarctica involves a long mission The part of the continent you want to visit, and your budget, will influence the decision to choose to travel by plane or by boat. Whichever option you decide on, the trip will be worth it! Boat […]

The 5 craziest experiences you can have in Antarctica

So … what can I do in Antarctica? … A lot. We wrote this full post about the best things you can do in Antarctica. Camping under the stars Yes, it is possible to go camping in Antarctica, but only if you join the right tour operator who provides you with the right equipment. It […]

The 5 places you have to visit in Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the most isolated places in the world and as such has managed to maintain its pristine nature with minimal human impact (although climate change is wreaking havoc there). If you want to enjoy the dramatic polar ice covered landscapes and beautiful wildlife, make sure your cruise from Ushuaia to Antarctica includes […]

Tourism in Antarctica: how to travel to Antarctica

I have been lucky enough to take a Tourist trip to Antarctica and we can safely say that it has been by far the most incredible place I have ever visited. And that I am born in Patagonia and I am quite used to seeing Penguins and Glaciers. That said, it is not an easy […]

How much does it cost to travel to Antarctica

Let’s be honest – A trip to Antarctica is not cheap. – How much does it cost to travel to Antarctica But when you compare everything that can be seen and done, remote location of the destination and what an expedition entails, the value of the trip is quite fair. On a trip to Antarctica […]

When is the best time to travel to Antarctica

The only time you can travel to Antarctica is in summer – – When is the best time to travel to Antarctica But what month should you travel in? Well, that depends on what you want to see, and your expectations. Travel in November Some may argue that the beginning of the season is the […]

Requirements to travel to Antarctica

What are the requirements you need to be able to travel to Antarctica? – How do you travel to Antarctica Antarctica, the White Continent is a truly unique place. From its phenomenal landscapes to its diverse wildlife, no other place on the planet comes close to its beauty. And that’s not the only thing that […]

How is the weather in Antarctica

The weather in Antarctica The temperature in Antarctica can be -75ºC, in fact the lowest temperature was recorded in an even more remote station, Vostok, of -89ºC. Antarctica is a frozen desert, with precipitations in the form of snow equivalent to only 100mm of annual rain. This snow slowly changes and the ice drifts towards […]

Antarctica cruise

Knowing Antarctica is not an everyday thing. The “white continent” dazzles at the ends of the earth. Exploring the fauna and passing in front of icebergs, glaciers and fjords, in the comfort of the boat, is an experience as unusual as it is unforgettable. On board exploration vessels (60 to 80 passengers) impressive landscapes are crossed, […]