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Everything you need to know to organise your trip to Antarctica.

It may be the most remote adventure on the list of many travellers in the world – travelling to Antarctica!

And it is… for me personally it compares to travelling to the space station.

The remoteness and the investment to get to this incredible destination make it an unrealised dream for many, but we are here to help you on your journey.

Cruise to Antarctica

Ushuaia Antarctica Cruise

Do you want to see the most beautiful and remote place on Earth? Join us on an Ushuaia Antarctica Cruise and travel to the end

How to get to Antarctica - Cruise to Antarctica (Hurtigruten)

How to get to Antarctica

Due to the position of Antarctica at the end of continent Earth, reaching Antarctica involves a long mission The part of the continent you want


Requirements to travel to Antarctica

What are the requirements you need to be able to travel to Antarctica? – How do you travel to Antarctica Antarctica, the White Continent is

Cruise to Antarctica (Hurtigruten)

How is the weather in Antarctica

The weather in Antarctica The temperature in Antarctica can be -75ºC, in fact the lowest temperature was recorded in an even more remote station, Vostok,

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