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The purpose of our trips and expeditions is that you can explore this land of a nature of disproportionate size, a great variety of natural environments and rich biological diversity.

Travel its roads and discover the most uninhabited regions in the world, from the sea to the Andes Mountains through the endless Steppe. Get to know the people of Patagonia, the Estancieros and the lonely Gauchos, their stories and customs.

Tour operators

Patagonline works with an operator based in Europe (Tempsdoci Viatges) and with another operator located in Argentina (Wanderlust Expeditions). Your contracting of services is done directly through one of these operators.

Patagonline is a tourism promotion website for Argentina and Chile, therefore it disclaims responsibility for the contracted services.

You can review the contracting conditions on each operator’s website:

Travel programs / routes

Our routes are designed so that you can combine them to your liking.

It is advisable to choose a trunk route through Argentina or Chile and add extensions by land or sea since the airfares of the same flag company make the program cheaper.

Accommodations in Country Ranches and Hostels:

We have chosen authentic Patagonian rural estancias and country inns to enjoy the warmth of its people and its natural landscapes.

Generally attended by their owners, the light in the rooms is produced by an electric generator and you can go horseback riding, interpretive trails, trekking and field activities. In the “Estancias” you can enjoy hidden landscapes and otherwise inaccessible which makes them many times in destinations itself.

Ground Transfers

The roads in Patagonia are mostly gravel (dirt and stone – pebbles), it is dangerous to drive if you do not have the necessary safety precautions or know the handling techniques on this terrain.

For this reason, our transfers will always be with a local driver guide. Some sections will be covered by regular line buses, or shared with groups of no more than 10 people, to lower the costs of the trip because the number of kilometers to travel is large.

Individual / group trips

Patagonline offers individual trips. Each itinerary is tailored to the traveler.

In case of being a group or family already composed, consult group rates. In case of a single person traveling, ask us about group greetings from Buenos Aires.

Travel guides in Patagonia

All programs are guided by specialists with great training and the experience of being a native of each region in Patagonia.


The prices of our trips to Patagonia itineraries are expressed on a double basis (rooms for 2 double persons or 2 beds). Consult for prices on a triple and quadruple basis.

Travel insurance

We recommend that you take out travel and cancellation insurance in your country of origin so that you are covered in case you have to cancel your trip for any reason.

Travel philosophy

Our itineraries in Argentina and Chile have a planning considering enjoying Patagonia safely and without giving up comforts. In a territory of sudden changes in the weather and with a developing service infrastructure, it will be necessary to have a flexible attitude, adapting to the changes that may arise.

The Trekking routes and trails that you will enjoy on our routes are affordable for anyone in a normal physical condition.

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For more than 20 years I help foreign travellers to organise their trip to Patagonia.

I also manage this exotic accommodation on the Atlantic coast.