How to pack your suitcase for your trip to Patagonia

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Packing your suitcase for your trip to Patagonia is not easy.

On your trip to Patagonia you will find average temperatures of about 15 to 20 degrees in summer.

The key is to be prepared for the 4 seasons in the same day, the weather is very variable in Patagonia: you can wake up with cool weather in the morning… but then in the Perito Moreno the sun reflects on the ice and you will be hot… some untimely rain may appear and finally the Patagonian wind always blows.

And what is the solution ?
Wear a layered coat. A parka that has a waterproof (raincoat) that can be removed, and an optional fleece.

A pair of trekking shoes, nothing technically special is also recommended. It is the most comfortable shoe for day-to-day excursions in Patagonia.

what to carry in my suitcase

The rest of your trip through Argentina:ong>

This is when the issue gets complicated, since both in Buenos Aires and in the North of the country you will have much higher and more humid temperatures than in Patagonia.

For this reason, we recommend that you, in addition to your clothing for Patagonia, bring separate summer clothing, as you will need it.

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