Where to eat in El Calafate

El Calafate is one of the main destinations in Argentina and is located at the gates of Los Glaciares National Park.

Tourists from all over the world fill the city throughout the year, and everyone needs a good meal after hiking the Perito Moreno Glacier. Here is our selection of the best restaurants to eat in El Calafate.

The owl

The Owl in El Calafate
The Owl in El Calafate

La Lechuza is a cozy and warm restaurant that serves simple and tasty Argentine dishes, but is most popular for its pizza. The pizzas are a good size with generous toppings and are also excellently priced.

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La Lechuza is always crowded, and at peak times it’s hard to get a table, but eating in the lively atmosphere is well worth the wait. The beer selection is quite good, with several local Patagonian beers, as well as standard favorites. It also has a partner restaurant across the street, La Lechuzita, which serves more sophisticated salads and hot dishes.

Pura Vida Restobar

Pura Vida Restobar in El Calafate
Pura Vida Restobar in El Calafate

Pura Vida is not as busy as some of the other establishments in the city, but it is one of the best places in El Calafate for a good meal.

The menu offers delicious home cooking, with dishes such as Patagonian lamb stew and chicken pie, as well as some vegetarian options such as vegetable lasagna. The place is cozy, with comfortable cushioned seats and colorful tables. On colder winter nights there is also a rustic wood burning fireplace to add to the atmosphere.

The friends

Friends in El Calafate
Friends in El Calafate

Visitors may at some point want to eat something other than steak. Los Amigos is an amazing seafood restaurant, conveniently located right off the main commercial stretch of El Calafate. It is run by a Uruguayan family, has a friendly and efficient service and a welcoming atmosphere. It’s also popular with the locals, giving it an authentic vibe, and its tempting menu includes tasty dishes like fried calamari and fish stew. To escape the tourists, Los Amigos is a great option.


Quidu Restaurant
Quidu Restaurant

Quidu is in a quiet location at the western end of El Calafate’s main street, Avenida Libertador, which is generally less crowded with tourists and is quieter.

Serve hearty dishes perfect after a day exploring the chilly Los Glaciares National Park, like simmered lamb, gnocchi and lasagna.

The restaurant has tables on both floors, and the top floor offers beautiful views of Lake Argentino, a romantic place to watch the sunset. The interior is simple and modern, but with an element of rustic charm thanks to the exposed stone walls and wooden beams. The wine selection is excellent.

Borges y Álvarez Bar Book

Borges y Álvarez Bar Book
Borges y Álvarez Bar Book

Librobar is a quirky bar and cafeteria that also houses a wide variety of books. The menu consists mainly of drinks (coffee, beers, wines and cocktails) with a small variety of sandwiches and other light meals. The beer selection offers a number of regional craft beers, which can be enjoyed surrounded by walls lined with books that patrons can read for free. The walls are also decorated with blackboards with famous quotes and old posters and photos. Librobar is the perfect place for a relaxing afternoon reading a book.

Chopen Brewery

Chopen Brewery
Chopen Brewery

Chopen (formerly known as Sholken) is a craft beer pub with a menu of tempting light meals and dishes to share.

The pub offers samples of each of its beers when patrons walk in, although the beer is priced very well, so more than one beer is affordable.

One of the most recommended options is the plate to share with local smoked hams and cheeses, which is a perfect accompaniment to a few beers with friends.

The clientele is both locals and tourists, creating an authentic and welcoming atmosphere.

La Tablita

La Tablita El Calafate
La Tablita – Restaurants in El Calafate

One of the best grill restaurants in El Calafate, La Tablita has a tasty selection of traditional-style grilled meats. It is the oldest restaurant in El Calafate, but it has kept up to date by adopting a modern and elegant decoration of white tablecloths and elegant tables.

The menu offers all the classic cuts of meat included in a classic grill , such as sirloin, blood sausage and sweetbreads. As expected from restaurants, there is a fantastic wine list with an incredible variety of Argentine vineyards represented. Accompany your meal with an Argentine Malbec for a real treat.

My ranch

My Ranch - El Calafate
Mi Rancho – Restaurants in El Calafate

Mi Rancho is a very popular restaurant in Calafate, and it is necessary to reserve a table a couple of days in advance. The restaurant has few tables and is family-run, which makes it very cozy and intimate, with friendly and efficient service. The food is also full of color and flavor, with a menu of dishes such as ossobucco , lamb risotto and trout.

The kitchen

The El Calafate Kitchen
La Cocina – Restaurants in El Calafate

Serving a variety of Italian and Argentine dishes, La Cocina can be found in a great central location on Avenida Libertador. The interior is simple, but with some rustic touches, and there is a varied menu offering large portions of pasta, steak, and lighter dishes like soup. Desserts are also generous, with a nice selection of wines to accompany the meal. La Cocina is also popular with the locals, adding to the authentic flavor and atmosphere of the restaurant.

La Zaina

La Zaina
La Zaina – Restaurants in El Calafate

Wine is the main focus of this restaurant and bar and at La Zaina the friendly waiters have excellent knowledge and can help you match your meal to the perfect bottle. The interior is warm and inviting, perfect after a winter’s day viewing the glaciers, and is quaintly decorated with antiques and old paintings. Food is generally grilled with a few extras, including fish and lamb stew, all beautifully cooked and presented.