How do I find the cheapest airfare to Patagonia?

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If you want to travel to Patagonia, you don’t have that many options to get cheap tickets. On the one hand there are not many airports to fly to, on the other hand not many airlines fly there. But there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

1. Internet comparison

Of course, the first step should be to go online to get an initial overview of the prices. That is the benchmark against which it is measured.

2. Contact experts

Call tour operators who specialize in Patagonia and/or Latin America. They sometimes buy group contingents from airlines and may still have seats left. They are predetermined in time, but the price can be very exciting.

3. Choice of airline

Lufthansa is not necessarily the cheapest airline to South America. Also consider the local airlines. Aerolinas Argentinas or LAN Chile are also decent airlines with which you can fly without hesitation.

4. Choice of destination airport

As already mentioned, there are not many possibilities to fly to Patagonia. But if you have a pre- or post-program during your Patagonia trip, you might consider Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires as destination airports. First there and then e.g. to the south. These two airports are usually much cheaper to reach (because they are served by more airlines). 

5. Flexibility of dates

Long-haul flights are more booked at the weekend than during the week. Tuesday to Thursday are often available at better prices. Take this into account when planning your trip.

6. Transfer

The fastest way is usually also more expensive. When searching for a flight, always include transfer connections (even twice) in the search. These are less preferred and can therefore be more freely available, i.e. cheaper to have.

7. Poker

If you have nerves of steel, you can wait until the end for special rates. The airlines put the last airports on the market at least one month before the departure date. If they still have any. However, this is a very bold tip. It can also end up being more expensive. But – for those who are extremely flexible in terms of time, it is absolutely advisable.

8. High season or low season

For the airlines, the high season is the expensive time and the low season is the cheap time. Those who want/must go to Patagonia at the best travel time have a harder time. If you can also travel in the low season, you will get away better. So ask the travel agency when the corresponding seasons to Patagonia are.

9. Flight Passports

With their VARGOA (Visit Argentina Airpass), Aerolinas Argentinas offers a possibility that should be checked. Take the flight to Buenos Aires and see what the coupons cost for the flights to Patagonia. At LAN Chile it is the South American Airpass.

10. Where do I fly from?

Why always from Frankfurt or Munich? Looking across the borders to Amsterdam, Belgium and France. Here you can always find bargains that the German market does not have.


There is no one way. It is always a combination of several tips to get a plane ticket as cheaply as possible. Much luck

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