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Where is Rada Tilly

The Villa Balnearia Rada Tilly is 14 km south of Comodoro Rivadavia, on the Atlantic Ocean in the Province of Chubut, Argentina.

Its name comes from the English navigator Marquis de la casa de Tilly, and the one from the landform “rada” (small bay)

Its extensive beaches (more than 500 meters, at low tide) invite to be covered in quiet walks.

The landscape of blue waters and wild desert can be enjoyed from its viewpoints, located on each of the hills that surround the Rada Tilly village: to the north, Punta Piedras and to the south, Punta del Marqués.

Villa Rada Tilly

In the center of the Golfo San Jorge is the Villa Rada Tilly, nestled by a steep hill and two geographical features that enter the oceanic territory: Punta Piedras to the north and Punta del Marqués to the south.

In its beginnings, it was the beach visited by the inhabitants of Comodoro Rivadavia on weekends, but for many years it has come to life thanks to the inhabitants of Rada Tilly.

Walking through its streets, you will notice that the urban layout includes many luxury houses with large gardens and very few tall buildings. There are squares full of trees and green tones that provide shade during the intense summer. However, its main attraction is on the coast.

On the promenade you can take a long walk along its wide shores of fine sand.

The local wind is the main propeller of two very common sporting activities on the beaches of Rada Tilly: windsurfing and auto sailing races. The “radatillences” people are fans of the latter and in this same place famous national and international competitions are held.

In recent years the population has increased and there is a large influx of tourists during the summer, who are attracted by its beaches.

Many young Patagonians are enthusiastic about adventure sports and the sun find an ideal tourist destination in Rada Tilly, where they decide to spend their holidays by the sea.

Punta del Marqués in Rada Tilly

We recommend visiting Punta del Marques, which offers beautiful panoramic views of the horizon and the coast and the possibility of visiting the Lobería de la Punta del Marquez.

To the south of Rada Tilly, the Punta Marques Reserve, an imposing plateau made up of seabed that exceeds 20 million years old, penetrates 1500 meters. like a sword in the Argentine sea, demarcating the center of the San Jorge Gulf.

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