What to eat in Buenos Aires

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What to eat in Buenos Aires

Although the main food that Argentines consume is beef, there are other options in this cosmopolitan city. Italian food is ubiquitous, but in neighborhoods like Palermo, pizzerias are seeing stiff competition from sushi, fusion, and even vegetarian bistros. Almost anything can be delivered – including fantastic gourmet ice cream.


If you are not a vegetarian, you have to try the asado in a grill, restaurants specializing in grilled meats. There are expensive grills and others that are simpler and cheaper. In any case, you probably have one of the best “meats” you’ve ever tasted. The strip steak is incredibly tender.

Where to eat meat in Buenos Aires

Jugoso means rare (literally “juicy”) and is not the usual thing for locals.

Argentines cook their meat all the way through, and they can only get away with it because the meat is so tender that cooking it well doesn’t necessarily mean it’s shoe leather.


Italian and Spanish food is almost native here, thanks to the cultural heritage of these two countries. Other popular foods are pizzas and empanadas.

Eat pizza in Buenos Aires

Pizza is a strong tradition in Buenos Aires.

It comes baked (cooked in a skillet, usually medium to thick crust), stone baked (baked in a stone oven, usually thin to medium crust), and broiled (cooked on a grill, very thin crust and crunchy). Best Places: «Los Inmortales, Las Cuartetas, Guerrín, El Cuartito, Banchero’s, Kentucky.


Vegetarians and vegans need not despair. No fewer than a dozen vegetarian-oriented bistros have sprung up in recent years (notably in the Palermo neighborhood), and many popular spots offer vegetarian versions of traditional foods.


An incredible and typical Argentinian “cookie” is the alfajor, which consists of two round sweet cookies held together by a sweet jam, usually dulce de leche, covered in chocolate, meringue or something similar. Any kiosk, supermarket, bakery and even cafe is packed with a variety of alfajores and every porteño has their favorite. Make sure you don’t leave the country without trying one.

Where to eat croissants in Buenos Aires

In addition, all the bakeries offer a wide selection of invoices, delicious sweet pastries of all shapes, doughs and flavors, most of them French, Spanish and Italian-inspired but with their own touch. Porteños are very fond of these, which are usually served in the afternoon, with some mate of course.

Where to eat “classic places”

The still lifes and restaurants are also renowned places to eat in the city of Buenos Aires. Here we leave you our top 10. It is that this city is also well known for its variety and gastronomic quality that you cannot miss!

  1. El Cuartito SA: One of the first pizzerias in Buenos Aires, a place with an excellent atmosphere and delicious pizza. Try the traditional faina to accompany the Fugazzeta and drink a Quilmes beer.
  2. Los Inmortales: One of the oldest pizzerias in the city. The walls are decorated with paintings of famous people from Argentine history.
  3. Croque Madame: On the edge of the museum of decorative art, an excellent place to have tea or dinner in the open air. You have to be patient to get a place!
  4. Sudestada : One of the freshest and best restaurants in Buenos Aires, we will find Southeast, Thai, and Asian food.
  5. Palermo’s favourite: Perfect! In the Palermo neighborhood, simple but very good. In a nice area, and a restaurant with a lot of authenticity and simplicity.
  6. La Cabrera: One of the most popular places. Ideal to enjoy an Argentine barbecue. Don’t order too much, half portions. An advance reservation is essential.
  7. Hermann : Another classic place in Buenos Aires. Ideal to eat an Argentine chorizo steak, or sausages with sauerkraut.
  8. El Obrero: El Obrero is one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires, not to be missed. It is advisable to make a reservation in advance, as it is a very busy restaurant.
  9. Casa las cañitas: Las Cañitas is a great place to eat and go out to experience Buenos Aires nightlife. The great restaurants, clubs, cafeterias… are in the Hispanic neighborhood of Palermo.
  10. El Antigourmet: A different still life with typical Argentine dishes, craft beer and regional products.

Classic Bars and Cafes in Buenos Aires

Open night and day, taxi drivers stop there to take a break from their work, like so many other late-night porteños. games of
chess, some football discussion, a “little coffee” to wake up…
The notable writer Ernesto Sábato was one of his regulars. He wrote a large part of his novel “On Heroes and Tombs” there and the Britannic is part of the setting for that novel.


In an emblematic corner of San Telmo (historical center) in front of the homonymous square, it still conserves shelves, bottles and objects from its original activity as “Warehouse and Drinks Dispatch”.
The graffiti on its tables and walls are an indelible mark of the passage of time and of its visitors.


«San Juan and Boedo Antigua, and the whole sky…» Thus begins the poetry of the tango «Sur» by the brilliant Homero Manzi. And in that emblematic corner is the bar that keeps his memory alive.


In the traditional neighborhood of Boedo, this Café retains the warm atmosphere of the typical neighborhood bars and is also an enclave for meetings linked to the intense cultural activity of its people.


In the ’90s it was rescued from its imminent disappearance thanks to the efforts of neighbors, cultural personalities, the employees themselves and the City Legislature. Today it shines with its original splendor of the “belle epoque” and preserves the delights of its products.


A typical neighborhood café for several decades, it stands out for a rich collection of pennants from football clubs from around the world, photographs and related items that cover its walls.


A typical Buenos Aires confectionery where we can find milonga and live orchestra on Thursday nights.


It is the most representative café of the traditional spirit of Avenida de Mayo and a legend in the city. This bar belongs to the select group of “notable bars” in the City of Buenos Aires.

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