Trips to Patagonia Argentina and Chile

Patagonia is an incredibly remote place situated at the bottom of South America. Its remoteness makes it an exotic and peaceful region, but also complex when it comes to being explored. Our mission on Patagonline is to help you to have the best experience in our land.

When to travel?
It is important to take into account the wildlife seasons on the Atlantic coast and the southern summer seasons, so that you do not miss out on anything on your trip to Patagonia.

Where to travel?
Patagonia is divided into 4 large districts that represent the main tourist attractions, both for their scenery and their wildlife: the Valdés peninsular, Ushuaia, the glaciers and the lake district.

On Patagonline we will take into account the dates of your trip, your personal tastes, your budget and journey time to help you to organise your trip to Patagonia.

How to travel?
Patagonia, both in Argentina and Chile, lacks resources and its infrastructure is limited. A good example of this is the number of kilometres to travel, the state of the roads and the few airports in the Patagonian region.

It is important when organising a trip to Argentina to take into account these distances and limitations, and to try to plan ideal routes for your trip.

Where to travel from?
On Patagonline we can offer you the services you need from Buenos Aires or leaving from your place of origin, including international flights. You can start to search for cheap flights to Argentina with our flight search or get in contact with us so that we can prepare a travel offer for you.

Why travel with us?
Because we were born in Patagonia and our main objective is for you to have an authentic experience in our land, meet native people, have a trip away from the masses, and discover hidden places and authentic pearls of the Patagonia region. To achieve that, we work with local guides, and small and picturesque accommodation in each of the destinations that you visit on your trip to Argentina.

Get planning your trip with our trip estimator, or contact us so that we can prepare a tailor-made trip for you.



1.732 14 days

depart: September a May

Whales, glaciers and the end of the world, a classic trip to Patagonia visiting its three most emblematic landscapes

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Patogonia in August


1.746 13 days

depart: July/August

The ideal time to visit the Valdes Peninsula, the Perito Moreno Glacier (open all year) and to escape to Iguazu

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Route 40


3.012 € 16 days

depart: Oct/May

A different Patagonia, hidden ... only accessible in your 4x4 vehicle, discover the ranch guesthouses in the country around Route 40

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Northern Argentina and Chile


1.783 10 days

depart: All year

The hidden north of Argentina and Chile, a trip to pre-Columbian America, with its amazing colors and its people

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Trekking in Patagonia


1.973 15 days

depart: September/May

Discover hidden glaciers, walk in the National Parks of El Chalten and Torres del Paine

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Patagonia and Iguazu


1.648 12 days

depart: September/May

Take a boat trip at the end of the world, walk on glaciers and shower under waterfalls

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